Snow Day: On Unexpected Blessings

Recently a friend asked me if I could take even a few days off work for some self-care, and I replied that even though that would help so much right now, it just wasn’t possible because of my teaching schedule. I felt like I couldn’t cancel class, even if I felt unwell, because I had had to cancel earlier in the semester due to illness, and feared having students become frustrated.

And then, snow. Glorious, glorious, snow!

Happy I'm on the right side of the window.
Glad to be inside, looking out (and not the other way around).

So, I am left with the peace of mind that, in some way, shape, or form, God will always provide what I need, when I need it (even, perhaps, a well-timed snow storm).

I encourage you to look for unexpected or unplanned blessings today–things that only God could give you. It is a wonderful way to remember both our Father’s love and power to care for us.

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