Dodging the Bullseye: On My Year Without Target

Or, How I Started Saving Money and Letting Others Support the Dog Toy, Cute Notebook, and Comfy Throw Industries

Hi, my name is Emily and I am a compulsive shopper. At Target.

I love Target. I love all of the pretty things to make my life prettier, from the beautiful throw blankets to the adorable outfits for baby girl to the costumes for my two hounds (antler ears?! They’ll totally love those!).

The problem is that while I live in a wonderful suburban neighborhood with a house that is just meant for all things Target, I do not have an inexhaustible supply of money or space.

But do I remember that once I enter into that red-trimmed Mecca of conspicuous consumption? Nope. Never. Even when I *swear* that I am only going to get Tide and some dishwasher tabs, I still end up with those white plastic bags of things I just don’t need, like new essie nail polish, bows for baby girls hair (that will certainly only be added to her preschool’s basket of lost accessories), and maybe some new toys for the dogs or another notebook for me.

Oh sure, they look all peaceful and innocent, but they are a squeaky toy's worst nightmare.
They might look all peaceful and innocent, but they are a squeaky toy’s worst nightmare.

Sure, I’ll wear the nail polish and use the notebook. I’ll even enjoy watching these two punks destroy the new toys I got them in less than 10 seconds. But the truth is that I spent about three times as much as I should have, and now I have guilt, anxiety, and a none-too-pleased hubby.

Like an alcoholic with bars, I just can’t go in a Target and practice self-control. So, for 2015 I’m just not going. I know that I can find whatever I need at the grocery store, Walgreens, or Amazon, and even though Target is less than five minutes from my house and I’m certain that other people find amazing deals there on stuff they actually need, I’m not putting myself in temptation’s way. And, I hope that by doing so I can gain more appreciation for what I do have, grow my savings, and be able to better discern what I need versus what I want, what is indeed beautiful versus what is packaged beautifully.

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