Tissues & Tea: On the Blessings of a Bad Cold

Today I am writing from my couch. I’ve showered, but only because the hot water helps more with my sinus cold than even the strongest medicine. Still, I’m more comfortable clean, so there’s a plus–and it’s not the only one.

I recognize that there is clean laundry in the dryer, dishes in the sink, and a floor to be vacuumed, but when I move so does my congestion, and today the #1 priority is avoiding nausea. Better to rest one day and get back in the action than push it and wind up bedridden for a week, right?

So, as I sit here in my comfy zebra print fleece jammies and oversized gray sweater (not one of my husband’s favorite pieces, but I love it and hey, I’m sick here!), I’m thinking about the bright side of this bad cold. Some silver linings include:

1. I can rest in a quiet house because I have such a wonderful husband who has taken over baby girl care while I recuperate. He’s such a blessing, and so is the quiet.

2. Down time for me means bonus reading time. In this way I am like C.S. Lewis, who either got sick frequently or faked it so he could avoid teaching and instead lie in bed and read in peace. Totally get it, Clive.

3. Being sick is like a trust exercise for someone who appreciates productivity so much. Not only do I have to rely on my husband to help me (which of course I do daily, but I just don’t need it as overtly as I do when I’m sick), but I have to let go and let God in all areas. This helps me regain perspective about Who really is in control of this ship.

4. I can drink as much *hot* tea as I want because I’m not running around doing 10 things at once.

5. I get to write this blog at a leisurely pace, enjoying every word and thinking about the wonderful people who will read it and maybe even remember it when they are sick and tempted to push through there discomfort rather than step back and rest.

Some things to think on (and comment, of course!): What are your rituals when you are sick? Do you give up control of household and work tasks or do you worry about delegating? Even though being sick is crummy, what are some positive aspects of even these brief, bleak chapters in life?

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