Starting from Sunday: On Rethinking the Week

This morning I was reading my devotional (Creekside Gospel: Encountering Jesus in John by Wendell Garrison) and one of the questions reads, “We talk about ‘going to church.’ What do you like about this expression? What are some things you may not like about it?” I responded, “I love it. I love that we [my family and I] go every Sunday and see our church family. It is the highlight and start of my week.”

This was an epiphany for me. I normally consider Monday the beginning of my week, thus putting the greatest emphasis of my schedule on the return to work rather than on my faith and family.

Sundays in the Phillips’ household involve a leisurely, delicious breakfast and extra cuddle time, Sunday school and church service, lunch with grandparents, quiet time, and maybe even another meal with another set of grandparents. After Abigail is tucked in for the night, I finish the day with an old movie (I’m on a Bette Davis kick right now) while Bill plays a board game with friends. It is simply the best day of the week.

So why not start on that note rather than end it? By shifting my focus toward what I consider most important, I better prepare my heart and mind for the work of the week. I am more patient, more loving, and more creative because I have already set myself right once again.

What are your Sunday traditions? What do you think about the expression “going to church?” What shapes or sets the tone for your week?

Note: The photo for this post was taken by one of our church members as he/she stood on the hill where our building stands. It is a breathtakingly beautiful image and I am grateful for the use of it.

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