Learn the Rules Like a Pro…

Do what badasses (like PIcasso) do. This morning I woke up early and instead of fighting it, which would have certainly put me in a foul mood, I just went with it. After a long walk around the neighborhood, I decided to spend some much needed chill time with my number one cooking guru, Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman. The episode: Sweet Deliveries. The food: A. Maze. Ing.


As my tribe was still asleep and my coffee was running through my veins, lighting me up for action, I decided to use what I had to make PW’s lemon butter cookies. True, her recipe called for the zest of limes and lemons, and I had neither. But I did know the basic ingredients for cookies (the essentials, if you will), and I knew I had a healthy supply of lemon juice. So I said what the hell and gave it a go.

The results weren’t as spectacular as PW’s, but they were still pretty damn good.


I am sure that if I had the zest the cookies would have popped more, but they were perfect with a(nother) cup of coffee.

What I realized is that after several months of baking, I know the basics of it without needing to rely so completely on recipes. I’m no longer a newbie; I’m becoming an artist/baker/badass in my own right. And that taste of competency and agency is a great start to the day.




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