Back Off, Haters: On Why We Should Seek to Understand, not Undermine Kim Kardashian

Yesterday I saw this post on my FB feed: and after reading the scathing analysis of every aspect of Kim Kardashian (who, admittedly, I know little to nothing about), I felt both sympathy for her and a mild rage at writer Charlotte Alter for initiating yet another form of mom-hating: the mom who tries to be (not have) it all.

Kim Kardashian and sister Kourtney leave apartment building with baby North in the stroller, NYC

Alter writes, “The stroller says “I’m a mommy,” but her boobs say “I’m a sex goddess.” Her silver eyeliner says “I’m a party animal,” while her nude lipstick says “I’m a natural beauty.” Her retro blowout says “I’m pulled together” while her blazer, well, isn’t. But above all, her shoulder pads say “I’m a professional,” which she most certainly is. (Kardashian’s estimated worth is $45 million).”

Alter concludes that “Baby + boobs + beauty + blowout + blazer = BOOM. Kim Kardashian is having it all, at one time, in one picture,” making her the “Mrs. Potato Head of Modern Womanhood.”

What Alter fails to do is show any understanding of the multiple roles that all women MUST play in modernity (especially mothers, who I can tell you from experience walk out of the house and into work wearing suits and spit up regularly). The need to trash Kardashian for even trying to maintain her business power while being a loving mother is indicative of a deep-seated insecurity regarding women who are not only beautiful, but smart, successful, and want to have kids. Basically, it shows a fear of women who are motivated, multidimensional, and thus dangerous to others (male or female) who are seeking out potential threats.

Life isn’t pretty, and neither is this picture. But let’s look at the good, shall we? A busy mom is walking her baby, probably after or before attending to her life in the business world (whatever business that might be). She is TAKING TIME with her child and trying to achieve balance, which many of us know from experience is almost impossible. In short, she is trying, damn it, and let’s applaud the effort instead of using it as yet another excuse to bash mothers. Truthfully, wouldn’t there have been an equally scathing analysis of Kardashian (most likely with the same title) if she had been shot looking haggard while walking her child?


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