Cultivate Several Passions, ‘Cause One Ain’t Enough

I am fortunate to do work that I love. I love to read, write, and teach, and working within the university system allows me to do all three.

Still, I need a break from reading, writing, and teaching so that I can continue to love all three. This became glaringly obvious when I began work on my doctoral dissertation and reading, writing, and teaching continued to be joyful but also very (VERY) stressful. I got hooked on The Pioneer Woman cooking show (gotta love a fellow redhead who shares a mutual devotion to copious amounts of sugar/butter/frying), and began cooking something new almost every day.

My New Mantra
My New Mantra

Part of existing/thriving/trying to survive in academia is finding some way to sustain yourself and replenish your soul. I love my family and I love food, so cooking provides me with a way to try new things, eat well, and show my husband and daughter how much I care for them. Plus, I simply enjoy doing it.

Although my work in academic has its own unique stressors, I am sure that your work, even if you love it, holds in it the same ability to generate frustration/anxiety/exhaustion. I hope that you too can find some way to exercise your creativity, get your hands dirty, and show others (and yourself) love.

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