Say What You Mean, Part 2

Hold on to your hats, folks, because I have had too much coffee this morning and I am fired UP.

One of my favorite people, Lauren B., recently told me she was really happy with her body. It was such a strange thing to hear that I almost fell out of my chair.

Even after I posted my Say What You Mean article yesterday, I was still upset. Even though I *know* that I am a healthy, badass lady, I still felt weird and strangely like I had failed in some basic societal way by not sticking to a brutal diet (three cheers for self-flagellation?). But, true to my nature, that frustration/sadness/guilt at something I find so fundamentally insipid and stupid turned into rage over night, and now I’m back in the game, fighting for myself and all my sisters.

Amen, Melissa, you goddess among women
Amen, Melissa, you goddess among women

I have decided that for my well-being and that of my followers, friends, and anyone else that I am blessed to communicate with, I will not discuss dieting for one solid year. While this is a very important topic from a feminist standpoint, I feel that my tendency to hear/read/think about dieting only leads me to hear/read/think about dieting more, no matter what the context may be. So, I’m saying to hell with it and living my life, a la Melissa McCarthy.

For those who read the blog and/or talk/text/visit with me in my daily life, feel free to verbally or physically pinch me if I start slipping on this one. At the end of the year I will do a longer project about my experiences in dieting-isn’t-real, and let you know the pros and cons of such an experiment.


2 Replies to “Say What You Mean, Part 2”

  1. I LOVE these two blog posts! I hope you are able to stick to your guns. It’s hard, I know. People (mothers) who told me I was too thin, then told me I was too heavy, now tell me I’m too thin. Mothers? Yes, mothers of mine. Sheesh! I have no willpower. I did not “diet.” I have no interest in counting calories and buying things like rice cakes or counting steps to count calories burned. In other words, I want to enjoy my life. What we eat and what we burn shouldn’t amount to a part-time job. Who’s not too busy for that crap? What annoys me more than anything are the people who ask if I’m well with so much (faux) concern I’m not sure if they’re being catty or not. I guess they think it’s not possible for me to have lost weight without posting my diet woes on Facebook every five minutes or making a show of counting calories and asking a gazillion questions about butter and fat at restaurants (I really do think of this as The Diet Show). But this is because I didn’t go on a diet. I just reduced my food intake (which was actually a money decision–give up smoking or give up junk and fast foods for a penniless summer). I love food and I could eat a lot of it. Now I can eat enough and be satisfied. And I don’t give any consideration whatsoever to caloric intake. I eat what I want when I want. It turns out that my preferences and appetite changed for the better through my experiment with giving up overpriced crap food, and I know that I am lucky. I have, for the most part, my body back, the one I hated for its imperfections in my youth. I love it so much more, I suppose, for this reason. We need to be careful how we complain about our bodies in front of our young daughters. It’s us, mothers, not the media, who shape their own (earliest and I would guess most fundamental) ideas about their own bodies. I hope it’s not too late to show my grown daughters that I I do, after all, love my body and they should love theirs, too. Thanks for your honesty. We all get too wrapped up in social expectations, and it’s reassuring to read that other women feel like I do 🙂


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