Get Creative, Not Crabby/Cranky/Crazy

This morning my husband had an early meeting so rather than my normal routine of shower, eat, and write, I instead pushed him out of bed (he’s a bit of a slug in the a.m.), got my daughter up and ready for school, and rushed to get ready and make the train on time.

Although I woke up in a just-fine mood, by the time I was putting my makeup on and brushing my teeth I had become:







And by the time I had made it to the train and was attempting to keep myself on the seat as the lady next to me leisurely sprawled out, reading her magazine, I had become:








I realized this morning that when I don’t make time to be alone and create/write before doing anything else, I become a monster.

I knew that as soon as I was able to find a good hiding spot on campus so that I could write this blog, I would feel better. Before I can interact with the world, I have to get myself right, and part of that is engaging in some kind of creative activity. The more I neglect this aspect of myself, the more crabby/cranky/crazy I become.

So, the next time my husband has an early meeting, I plan to set the alarm an hour earlier. That way I can shower, eat, and write before Statler/Waldorf/Sweetums take over.

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