“Soft and Luscious”: On Body Image and Believing You ARE Perfect

I recently watched an Upworthy video on body image by Taryn Brumfitt, founder of the Body Image Movement. I was immediately in tears as she spoke about hating her body, revealing that she has experienced severe loathing and fear of even leaving the house because of her shape. It saddens me that not only have I experienced this very thing (quite recently, in fact), but moreover so many of my sisters have done so as well.

In the video there are several women who describe their bodies as fat, imperfect, short, etc. Some of these women are obviously quite thin, but as our culture tells us, they aren’t thin enough. It wasn’t until a disabled woman claimed that she was both “soft” and “luscious” that we saw courage instead of fear, and beauty instead of pain.

Brumfitt makes an especially heartbreaking point when she asks herself how she can teach her daughter to love her body when she hates her own. This is a question I have asked myself many times, and one of my greatest fears persists that my daughter will inherit my insecurities and not be able to see her true beauty.

Video’s like Brumfitt’s should be remembered and re-watched every time we fear leaving the house and facing a thin-obsessed culture, every time we cry because the clothing we are told to wear doesn’t fit (it doesn’t fit anyone past age 12), and every time a diet ad, magazine cover, or celebrity tells us that we can (and therefore should) lose weight/exercise more/diet/starve/binge/run/buy this/buy that/make ourselves someone we are not.

You are beautiful and you are loved, just as you are. Remember it, and when you can’t, let Taryn, me, or another sister or brother remind you.


For more info on Brumfitt and her movement, go to http://bodyimagemovement.com.au/.

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