Black Tie Optional: On Looking and Feeling Your Best

Workingfrom homeOne of the interesting (read: difficult and controversial) aspects of negotiating femininity and feminism is figuring out just what that means for individual women. Movements are exceptionally important for generating awareness and change, but feminism is not only how we vote; it’s how we live our individual lives.

braburning_atlcty_1968I like makeup and jewelry. I also like painting my nails and the nails of my little girl. However, if you told me I had to do these things, I would immediately feel trapped (and probably tell you to go hell). The same goes for demands to adopt opposite behaviors, like not wearing a bra, not shaving, etc.

Women’s bodies tend to be the main battleground for both pro- and anti- feminist views. For me, the real power lies in doing whatever the hell we want with our bodies (and finances and careers and so on). If we want to paint, pierce, or pluck, we shall. If want to let go all natural, then we shall. The point is to do what makes us happy and define what looking our best and feeling our best means, rather than letting outsiders like the mass media or other trend-setting establishments tell us what we must do.

So, whether your heading off to work in a smashing suit or
lounging at home in sweatpants, own your choices. This life is yours, and the gaining of that individuality is one of the greatest triumphs of feminism.

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