Be Not Afraid: On Choosing Faith Over Fear

Yesterday I got an email asking me to come for an interview at a private high school in St. Louis. My gut said that it was a bad idea, but my long-held fear of making the wrong choice, especially in regards to work/finances threw me into a state of anxiety. Should I go for the interview, take the job (if offered), and try teaching at that level again?

I taught at a public high school for three years, and while it taught me a great deal about myself as an educator and the realities of our current education system, I was, to put it mildly, miserable. Trying to juggle authentic teaching with parental overreach, unsupportive administrators, bold “guidance” counselors, and other factors was enough to cause a brand of PTSD that haunts my work-life to this day. Still…

If you’re like me, the desire for a steady income and the devil-you-know is often more tempting than the dream career. In my heart I know that I want to teach at an area community college or state university, but if someone offered me a job filing papers for 40 hours a week with decent pay and guaranteed employment for 30 years, I would at least consider it. Understand, I LOVE the work I do now. I have a career in which my skill set and interests grow and generate true happiness. Still…

Everyday I have a choice: to bail on my dreams of being a full-time professor, writer, and scholar, or have faith that God has a plan for me, a plan He built me specifically for, and that all will be BeNotAfraidLyricswell. Choosing faith over fear is not automatic for me; it’s something I have to consciously, forcefully work at. However I know that when I do, things always work out financially and I experience a kind of joy that trumps any sort of unrewarding sense of safety.

Today, I encourage you to join me in choosing faith over fear. The rewards are worth it.

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