Me and baby girl.


I’m a 2 1st century American wife, mother, teacher, and writer. I live in Midwestern Suburbia with my wonderful hubby, beautiful daughter, and two large, lovable hounds. I love to be inspired and to encourage others, and this blog is dedicated to the pursuit of loving God, each other, and ourselves through:

1. Reflection: What are our daily lives teaching us? What a-ha moments are leading us to a greater understanding of ourselves, our world, and God?

2. Connection: How are we connecting with others who are facing similar life changes or struggles? How can we engage with each other to spur growth and show empathy?

3. Growth: How are we growing as mothers? Wives? Professionals? Daughters of God? How are we cultivating growth in these areas, and how can we encourage others on the same paths?

4. Encouragement: How can we lift each other up every day? Why is this kind of support so vital for reflection, connection, and growth?